Rabbit Creek Press welcomes unsolicited manuscripts.

We ask at this time that all submissions be initiated with a query letter and a brief project outline via the form below. After Rabbit Creek Press has reviewed your proposal, we will contact you by email.

Currently, our primary interest is in manuscripts related to the history and culture of the Yukon of any genre, fiction and non-fiction.

In your proposal, please be sure to indicate the genre and audience for your book. If we ask to see your manuscript, please ensure it is as polished as you can possibly make it. Please note that while we are open to all great ideas, projects which are most likely to appeal to the tourist market in Dawson will likely get top consideration for the next year or three.

We are pleased to accept simultaneous submissions, however we’d appreciate knowing that other publishers are looking at your work.

(The Dawson City Option)

Dawson is a unique, friendly corner of the world. So, if you’re in the neighborhood, we can also discuss your book proposal over a drink (alcoholic or not) at a local establishment! If you prefer this method, and you’re in town or are planning to come through, by all means, drop us an email and let’s set up a time!