Call for photos for 2016 Dawson City Calendar: “Celebration”

Submissions are now open for the 2016 Dawson City Calendar.

The theme of the Calendar is “Celebration.” All photos should capture this theme.

  • Photos must be at least 10″ on the longest side (top/bottom) at 300dpi resolution.
  • Photos must be in landscape orientation.
  • Photos must depict Dawson City … you need to be able to tell the photo is in Dawson and not somewhere else.
  • Photos must capture the theme “Celebration” for that month. A few event ideas are below. Check the KVA website for more ideas.
    • January: New Year’s, Concerts, Art Openings/talks
    • February: Quest checkpoint, tournaments
    • March: Trek Over the Top, Thaw-di-Gras, Percy race
    • April: Film Festival, Easter
    • May: Gold Show, Grad
    • June: Commissioner’s Ball/Tea, Dust2Dawson, River Quest, Solstice
    • July: Canada Day, Moosehide Gathering, Music Fest
    • August: Discovery Days, Authors on 8th
    • September: Tournaments, Outhouse Race
    • October: Concerts, Thanksgiving
    • November: Craft Fairs, Concerts, Remembrance Day
    • December: Christmas, Craft Fairs
  • All identifiable people in submitted images must be over 19 and must have signed an Image Release for models. Minors in photos may have their parent or guardian sign a release for them.
  • Compensation details are available on request.

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